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I’m an author, a minister to children, a mom, a doodler, Chief Kitten Wrangler of Jack and Jill, and caretaker of Traveling Baby Jesus. I search my crazy life for God’s fingerprints, and then I write about them. I also drink coffee, fight piles of dirty laundry and dream of French pastries.

Marriage Versus the Power of Cheese

It was my birthday. That's why I was more than slightly perturbed. Well, technically it wasn't really my birthday, but it was the day Todd and I had decided to celebrate my birthday, the day Todd had christened "Becky Ramsey's Big Day So Becky Gets to Pick Everything and I Say Yes to It No [...]

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The Ten Best Ways to Live

Welcome to The Ten Best Ways, our Godly Play story for this coming Sunday, Sept. 24. You can find the story in Exodus 20:1-17, Deuteronomy 5:1-21. The Godly Play script can be found in the 14 Presentations for Fall book (the orange one), p. 73-80. I love that Godly Play refers to the Ten Commandments as [...]

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Taking Baby to College … and the Dark Secret of Parenting

This is the little boy we took to college two weeks ago. See, he's all packed up. Our baby. In the big city of Chicago. Fourteen hours away by car. Where he knew no one. During our road trip up there, I rediscovered that people handle stressful situations very differently. Very surprisingly, even when they've [...]

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The Story of the Exodus

Welcome to our lesson for Sept 17, The Exodus, found in Exodus 11:1-15:21. The Godly Play script is in the yellow (Fall) book, p. 65-72. When we left Moses last week, he was getting ready to go with Aaron to speak to the Pharaoh and to do what God told him to do: set the [...]

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The Story of Moses: The Beginning

Welcome to our lesson for September 10, The Story of Moses, found in Exodus 1:8-17:7, 19:1- 40:38. The script is adapted from the story found in the pink Enrichment Presentations for Fall book, p.58-65.  Sunday school teachers, I will emailed you a copy of the adapted script. If you’d like a copy and you’re not [...]

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The Story of Jacob

Welcome to our lesson for September 3, The Story of Jacob, found in Genesis 25-33,35. (The script is found in the pink Enrichment Presentations for Fall book, p.44-50.) What a perfect time to present this story. When we finished last week’s story, The Great Family, Isaac and Rebekah were married, Abraham died, and we shared [...]

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The Great Family

Welcome to our lesson for August 27, The Great Family, found in Genesis 12-15, 24. (Script is found in the yellow Fall book, p.57-64.) What a wonderful lesson, to learn that we are all descendants of God’s great family, and that God is with us no matter where we go. The wondering questions are at the [...]

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The Flood and the Ark

Welcome to our lesson for August 20, The Flood and the Ark, found in Genesis 6:5 – 9:17 and found in The Complete Guide to Godly Play, Vol 2, 14 Presentations for Fall p. 49-56 (the orange book.) This is bound to be a favorite story of the children. It’s good to remember that Noah was a [...]

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The Creation

Welcome to our lesson for August 13, Creation, taken from Genesis 1:1-2:3, and also found in The Complete Guide to Godly Play, Vol 2, the orange book, 14 Presentations for Fall. What a wonderful story about gift giving and creating! As it says in the Godly Play book, you can tell much about the giver [...]

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The Circle of the Church Year

Hi Godly Play Teachers!Welcome to the Circle of the Church Year, our Godly Play lesson for this Sunday, August 6. This is one of my favorite lessons of the year. The calendar makes so much sense that I think we should teach it to adults as well! The lesson comes with wondering questions. I’ll include [...]

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