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I’m an author, a minister to children, a mom, a doodler, Chief Kitten Wrangler of Jack and Jill, and caretaker of Traveling Baby Jesus. I search my crazy life for God’s fingerprints, and then I write about them. I also drink coffee, fight piles of dirty laundry and dream of French pastries.

A List to Follow No Matter Who Is In Charge

Maybe you know how this goes. You have the kind of week when the clouds roll in. Someone gets the flu, there are executive orders that wound your heart because they will hurt people you love and people you don't know, and the dermatologist finds more to cut off of you, even though you don't [...]

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The Parable of the Loving Father

Welcome to The Parable of the Loving Father, the story Jesus tells in Luke 15: 11-32. At FBC Greenville, we’ll share this lesson this Sunday, February 26. I’ve always called this parable the Parable of the Prodigal Son, but I like that many others call it by this name, changing the focus from the sins [...]

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Jesus Teaches in the Temple

Welcome to Jesus Teaches in the Temple, our story for February 19, based on Luke 20:45-21:4. This brand new story (new to my extra Godly Play style stories- certainly not a new story!) shares two teaching moments Jesus had in the Temple as he knew his time on earth was growing short. First is his warning to beware of the [...]

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Jesus Meets A Poor Man and a Rich Man

Welcome to Jesus Meets A Poor Man and a Rich Man, our story for February 12, based on Luke 18:35-19:10. This story is hot off the presses- or maybe I should say that I still have glue between my fingers! Anyway, this story combines the story of Jesus healing the blind man by the road to Jericho [...]

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What’s a Nice Baptist Girl Like You Doing in a Mosque Like This?

Last night I went to a mosque. It was a first for me, though I've known Muslim people since I was little. Our dinner table was often crowded with my daddy's PhD students and their young families, and many of them were Muslim. "Again?" I'd groan to Mom, wondering why I couldn't be born into [...]

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Need Hope? Jump Into the Flow

"You nervous?" Todd asked me, handing me my wetsuit. "Nervous? Why should I be nervous?" I asked. I'd gone whitewater rafting several times before and it was no big deal. Besides, I'd grown up around water- if spending lazy summers poolside at the NCSU Faculty Club counted. I might be a klutz on land, but [...]

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Jesus Welcomes the Children

Welcome to Jesus Welcomes the Children, a script I’ve written to share the scripture from Luke 18:15-17. The story script also alludes to several other stories from the Bible in which children play important parts, hopefully helping our children understand more of what Jesus is saying is important about how children think, love, believe, and trust. [...]

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Red, White, and Blue- and the Gospel Too

Have you met my friend and former neighbor in France, Madame Mallet? That's her on the left. If you read French by Heart, you may remember what a hilarious, complicated character and friend she was to me and my family. This pic was taken during a visit a couple summers ago, when we surprised her [...]

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My Gift from a Trip to Film School- and Why Barron Trump (and Every Child) Needs It

My six foot four baby wants to go to film school, so at 7:15 am on Saturday morning, we loaded up the car, grabbed coffee and a map (which he thinks is hilarious and old fashioned and so mom-ish of me) and headed down the highway for his big interview. I figured that while we were there, we'd get a [...]

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Jesus Heals a Paralyzed Man

Welcome to Jesus Heals a Paralyzed Man, our story for Jan. 29, based on Luke 5:17-26. It was really fun to think about how to tell this story, how to create the house so that the friends could deliver their paralyzed friend to Jesus’s feet. It was also a pleasure to think about the lesson [...]

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