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I’m an author, a minister to children, a mom, a doodler, Chief Kitten Wrangler of Jack and Jill, and caretaker of Traveling Baby Jesus. I search my crazy life for God’s fingerprints, and then I write about them. I also drink coffee, fight piles of dirty laundry and dream of French pastries.

Tigist, My Third Grade Philosopher Friend. And Other Blessings.

My friend Tigist is a smart young lady- and a natural philosopher. She may be a third grader, but when I read the words in the artwork she gave me, she speaks with the voice of someone who's been around the block a few times. A grandma, maybe, who understands life. "Nothing's perfect in the [...]

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Faces of Easter 4: Remembering Christ’s Desert Experience

Welcome to Faces of Easter 4: Remembering Christ’s Desert Experience.  As we get ready for Easter this week, we remember Jesus’ temptation in the wilderness, described in Matthew 4: 1-11. It’s good to remember that this event happened right after Jesus’ baptism, before he could begin his work. Or maybe being tempted–and letting us see [...]

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Flossing, News, and the Stranger at the Library

So I guess I figured out I had gone too far when I started to blame the sitting president of the United States for the two new cavities the dentist found in the back of my mouth last week. "You know how I hate flossing," I said to my husband, as we sat in bed [...]

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Faces of Easter 3: Remembering Christ’s Baptism and Blessing

Welcome to Faces of Easter III: Remembering Christ’s Baptism and Blessing, our lesson for March 19.  As we get ready for Easter this week, we remember and celebrate Christ’s baptism and blessing from God. How good it is to remember that Jesus chose to be baptized before he started his work, to mark the beginning [...]

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Faces of Easter II: Boy Jesus is Found in the Temple

Welcome to Faces of Easter II: Jesus Is Lost and Found, our lesson for March 12. (First Baptist Greenville folks will combine this story with last week's story, since our church was on retreat last week.)  This week we remember and celebrate the phase of Jesus’ life when he was a boy by telling the [...]

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Mansplaining and Wondering

Last week I hung up a new watercolor print in my house (by Israeli artist Lesia Binkin -check out her work over at Etsy, here) and every time I walk by it, I just can't help but stop for a moment to stare at it. I guess I just love the colors and the feeling [...]

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Faces of Easter 1: Celebrating the Birth of Jesus

Welcome to Faces of Easter I: Remembering the Birth and Presentation of Christ in the Temple, the first Sunday lesson for the Lenten season. First Baptist Greenville will be on retreat this Sunday, so we will miss Sunday school. But if you're at a different church, enjoy this first lesson of the season. If the [...]

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A List to Follow No Matter Who Is In Charge

Maybe you know how this goes. You have the kind of week when the clouds roll in. Someone gets the flu, there are executive orders that wound your heart because they will hurt people you love and people you don't know, and the dermatologist finds more to cut off of you, even though you don't [...]

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The Parable of the Loving Father

Welcome to The Parable of the Loving Father, the story Jesus tells in Luke 15: 11-32. At FBC Greenville, we’ll share this lesson this Sunday, February 26. I’ve always called this parable the Parable of the Prodigal Son, but I like that many others call it by this name, changing the focus from the sins [...]

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Jesus Teaches in the Temple

Welcome to Jesus Teaches in the Temple, our story for February 19, based on Luke 20:45-21:4. This brand new story (new to my extra Godly Play style stories- certainly not a new story!) shares two teaching moments Jesus had in the Temple as he knew his time on earth was growing short. First is his warning to beware of the [...]

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